lab 8:8 ~ lab date 05.09.11

Posted: July 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

layers that have emerged in the week between lab #7 & lab #8: chakra/circuit work as experienced in my own body:

1/feeling – 2/perceiving – 3/receiving – 4/storying – 5/owning – 6/witnessing – 7/archetyping – 8/dissolving-integrating

entering lab ~ foundation source chosen = stillness

polarity chosen = frustration (R) – satisfaction (L)

group rituals: 

(eastwall) noform > resistance > love > resistance > noform (westwall)  ::  earth offering me resistance gives me the capacity for all meeting & movement.  many eye qualities and micromovements, impacting in subtle and profound ways somatic perception (not just visual).

love sleeps inside everything, ready to be awakened.  love is absolute seeing, seeing what is.

(southwall) everything unknown about myself > noform > everything known about myself (northwall) ::  within everything unknown, i encounter Dark Power and Infinite Enoughness.  within everything known, Lemniscate Keys.

(southwall) noform > foundation source (stillness) > god of foundation source (northwall)  ::  within foundation source, hands rubbing = energy and availability (capacity) for movement; within god of source, Balance

post-last-lab-dream (night of lab #8):  i dream we all sleep over in lab space.  the next morning when we are cleaning up i meet what i understand later to be the God of the Lab Work.  He gives me a very potent and full-body embrace, during which he grows so tall his head now brushes the ceiling…increasing verticality – then he looks deep in my eyes and says ‘I love you.’  right before i wake up, when i am in hypnopompic state, i feel my hands over the point in my sternum where the last upper ribs are fused and a little bone protrudes and there is a beat of energy that pulses in, and a deep short grunt from my chest, the vibration moving in hands and bones.


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