lab 7:8 ~ 5/2/11 between solar & lunar beltane

Posted: May 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

personal source = enchantment

deepening layers:

  • i use/make enchantment
  • i am/embody enchantment
  • i am a conduit for the existing condition of enchantment

memory/insight of 36th birthday vision quest, the work i was given:  to make the invisible visible (& the visible invisible); that this = enchantment

choose 1 source of 3 given:  skeletal system, muscular system, nervous system.  i choose nervous system.  i experience this as the capacity for all perception; huge gratitude for this capacity, the cycle of interaction between the external and internal worlds/landscapes;  internal/invisible becoming external/visible becoming internal/invisible; lemniscate pattern arises again.  very connected to the underlying source of enchantment throughout.  nervous system surprises me with its juiciness and subtlety, my expectation/projection is that it will be more ‘electric’ and jumpy feeling, but it is not at all.  a succulent pulse.

group ritual:  no-form > muscular > skeletal > nervous > no-form > nervous > skeletal > muscular > no-form  (oriented E>W>E)

3 times through, 2nd time ‘no dwelling’ – keep moving, 3rd time set own order…during this group ritual, the question rises within me as i enter each system:  ‘what is the secret heart of the (muscular, skeletal, nervous) system?’

group ritual:  no-form > mind > heart > gut > heart > mind > no-form (oriented S>N>S)

2 times through, 2nd time ok to interact with others from within source

in mind i experience a series of widening perspective shifts:  first i am looking through an aperture – a single hole – which becomes glasses or lenses, which i remove, and then become fascinated with the glasses…letting the glasses go, i am now perceiving through a larger frame, which expands gradually to incorporate a wider and wider peripheral vision, until finally, i experience pure receptivity, merging with the field.

in heart the lemniscate shows up again, a pattern of offering/receiving.  a core pattern i have been working with in the heart realm shifts:  ‘how much love can i get’ transfigures to ‘how much love can i receive’ which is tied deeply to my own availability to self/other/world and willingness to offer myself and be received as myself.

in gut i experience mapping, directionality – how gut is a source of direction, impulse, intuition, ‘following my hunger’ – not my cravings, but my real hungers, longings, the internal compass of being and presence

when i return through mind, i am the one in hafiz’s poem that is ‘dropping keys’ – i am placing, tucking, laying golden keys in everyone’s realm of being – some at feet, in the small of the back, here and there…a feeling of the heart/offering energy and the gut directiveness and mind perspective all being integrated into a single action pattern.  here’s the poem:

Dropping Keys ~ the small man / builds cages for everyone he knows / while the sage / who has to duck his head / when the moon is low / keeps dropping keys all night long / for the beautiful / rowdy / prisoners


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