lab 4:8 ~ 4/11/11

Posted: April 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

patterns, elements & sources developed in this lab:

  • ‘rises’ ~ going from horizontal to vertical/standing with minimal effort, then dropping into a different horizontal to rise from
  • movement from back body and side (L/R) bodies through entire ritual space as a group
  • element source (i choose water)
  • dream body / earth body
  • dream body / water as source & bridge / earth body
  • ‘sustaining care’ ~ emotional resonance ~ give myself into source, immersion; what do i care most about?  approaching source from heart
  • dream/earth body integration / muse as source from outside ‘self’

insights received in this lab:

before entering lab this evening, i set an intention for the warm-up to work with each segment as source:  stillness as source, spine as source, core as source, stretch as source, heat as source.  this integrates with ‘minimizing effort’ and allows new movement patterns to arise more directly ~ these patterns are surprising and often more effective at ‘accomplishing’ the aim of that segment.  qualities emerge (for me, at this time) in each segment:  stillness as source of presence ~ spine as source of responsibility (response-ability) ~ core as source of stability ~ stretch as source of capacity ~ heat as source of energy.

water as medium of movment:  first experienced at microlevel in cells, blood, joints, cerebrospinal fluid…then as water is intermediary source between dream and earth bodies, i am gestated and birthed from dream body to earth body through the medium of water, the amniotic ocean, individually choosing to move from the realm of dream, spirit, archetype & intention into the specificity of physical form…then in the ritual of dream/earth integration, i am giving birth, receiving and gestating and releasing the dream body into earth body journey of another individual through my own body

water as path of least resistance is the resonance that emerges from the ritual of ‘sustaining care’ flavored by the intention to minimize effort carried through from the ‘rises’ practice…i feel how the path of least resistance is not passive, but has an active consciousness within it, a seeking and clarifying of the optimal pathway for movement and energy.  i feel relationships and situations in my life where i have some degree of resistance and the amount of energy this takes to maintain; the possibility of releasing the resistance arises.

i also bring a somatech from Soul Motion to this lab, what Zusa calls “A B C D E” ~ for Assemble (standing with joints and bones stacked in vertical alignment with gravity), Breathe, Circular Consciousness (above, below, front, sides, behind), Dissolve (letting go of ‘self,’ agenda & expectations on all levels), and Engage/Enter into movement.  a lot of interlapping and deepening of my experience, especially with the practices of No Form and moving from back and side bodies.


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