kyra: lab night 1:8 ~ post-vernal-equinox

Posted: April 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

first night of lab :: memory/digested insight

entering Vertical Source:

delicious, sensual, two axes/poles very different energies – the energies we (languaging humans)

come to call:  sky/earth  ::  light/dark  ::  yang/yin

but before those names and concepts, the itself

of their absolutes and their dance – how they NEED each other – exist in essential relationship

how they ~ this relationship ~ this dance ~ NEEDS ME ~ a deep and visceral experience of being in

necessary service ~ as much as i need it

i am the medium of its expression, of its experience of itself ~ it knows itself through me ~

i be through it

it be through me

mutuality of existence


in this lab i am aware of my female-ness in a different way than any previous lab.  how my experience is, of course, individual/unique, and also (in this life-round) female; partly because of my work reconnecting with this in myself and also i think the male/female balance of lab (5/3) and also my…hmmmmm…..embracing this, the validity of this, not trying to ‘be like’ – not using male as standard of human/what/how/should/be


post-lab circle converses re: difference between wording ‘understanding’ and ‘experience’ ~ over the next few days i play with the language here, looking up words & tracking etymologies and inventing new ones:

empiric:  empeirikos:  experienced ~ en/in + peira/a trial

experience:  experior:  to try, to prove ~ ex/intensification + per/to pass through

understand:  literally to stand under; to comprehend fully

new forms:  empirience, empiristanding, emperiunderstandence, empunderance, empiristandunderance


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